UX Design and Research • Spring 2016–SUMMER 2018



I formerly worked as a lead UX researcher and designer for the digital payments experience design team for Mastercard in NYC. In my day-to-day work, I organized and executed usability research studies from start to finish and provided UX strategy for Mastercard's digital payment products.

UX Research

I was a key member of our department's small, but mighty UX research team. I took on a number of responsibilities including project management, session moderation, and prototyping. Due to the confidential nature of the company's projects I’m unable to publicly disclose findings and recommendations. Contact me to learn more about my research process.


Mastercard Developers

Mastercard Developers is home to the company’s digital payment products and services. I was part of a three-person team where I helped refine the website’s experience in the months leading up to the platform relaunch in summer 2016. We worked closely with product and engineering teams worldwide to determine content strategy guidelines, assist with quality assurance efforts, and provide overall design support. You can visit the live site here.


Mastercard Developers homepage

When Mastercard’s new identity was unveiled in summer 2016, it was no surprise that Masterpass would shortly follow suit. In collaboration with product, several designers and I sought to rebuild the experience from the ground up.

Redesigning the website for the company’s flagship digital product was far from easy–we had to create a adaptive system that was region compatible and addressed both B2C and B2B needs. I was heavily involved with defining the user experiences for consumers as well as business partners, designing wireframes, and writing corresponding documentation.


IdeaBox for Mass Transit: CoPilot

IdeaBox is essentially the company's own in-house startup incubator that provides employees with the resources needed to research and develop new products. My teammates and I created CoPilot, a family-friendly budgeting tool, in response to the mass transit challenge.

CoPilot helps families responsibly allocate their commuting budget and restrict spending to certain categories all through a simple UI. We eventually pitched our concept to the head of Mastercard Labs. Ultimately the Labs division chose not to pursue CoPilot any further, but it was a valuable learning experience nonetheless! 

Thanks Jean Kim, Jimmy Yuan, Christine Chu, Jo-Anne Loh, David Javitch, and Karin Levi for being great teammates!

Setting up a transfer

Tap & pay screen